Postsurgical pain is one of the most serious forms of acute pain and is most severe in the first 72 hours after surgery. Appropriate pain management during this time period is crucial.1

The EPOCH (Evaluation of Pain Relief and Opioid Control) clinical trials will provide patients with the potential to experience less pain associated with surgery. The sponsor of the EPOCH clinical trials will evaluate the use of an investigational new pain control medication, HTX-011, to determine if patients experience less pain and need less opioid medication. All patients enrolled in the trials will have access to pain medication as needed.

Beyond the EPOCH clinical trials, other clinical trials assessing the safety and efficacy of HTX-011 are ongoing, including the total knee arthroplasty (TKA) study.

Enrollment Complete

Enrollment Complete


About HTX-011

HTX-011 is an investigational long-acting pain relief medication designed to address postsurgical pain. In Phase 2 studies, HTX-011 has already shown the ability to manage moderate-to-severe pain in patients who have undergone bunion removal, hernia repair, and abdominoplasty. Its unique formulation is designed to reduce pain for 72 hours as well as the need for opioids, which carry the risk of harmful side effects, abuse, and addiction.1

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