Our Technologies

Biochronomer® Technology

Our proprietary Biochronomer drug delivery technology can deliver therapeutic levels of otherwise shorter-acting pharmacological agents over a period of days to weeks with a single subcutaneous injection or application. Our Biochronomer technology consists of polymers that have been the subject of comprehensive animal and human toxicology studies that have established them to be well tolerated. When injected or applied into subcutaneous tissue, the polymers undergo controlled hydrolysis, resulting in a controlled, sustained diffusion of the pharmacological agent encapsulated within the Biochronomer-based composition.1 Once the active ingredients have been fully released, the Biochronomer technology hydrolyzes and is eliminated from the body as benign water-soluble end-products.

Biochronomer Tech Image

Our Biochronomer technology can be applied to a wide range of pharmacological agents across a wide range of therapeutic areas. Furthermore, more than one pharmacological agent can be incorporated into our Biochronomer polymer such that multimodal therapy can be delivered with a single injection or application.

Other Science and Technology

Heron's scientific team is continually researching technologies to improve the lives of patients by discovering and developing best-in-class medicines that address unmet medical needs.

1. Ottoboni T et al. Biochronomer™ technology and the development of APF530, a sustained release formulation of granisetron. J Exp Pharmacol. 2014;6:15-21.